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Why choose us?

Whether you’re a real estate owner looking to partner, or a keen eyed investor, there are many reasons why The Fisheries team are a safe pair of hands.

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Passionately created, lovingly maintained

Fisheries team member at reception

With the market for workspace changing at a rapid pace, brands and operators need to establish their own personality and purpose as well as control operating costs and capital expenditure. So why us?

Smiling Fisheries resident

Because we really believe in the value of going to work. In-fact, we’re passionate about it. That’s why we obsess over every detail that makes coming to work a more pleasurable experience. And we know that happy people are more productive, more creative, more collaborative and more likely to flourish.

Branded Fisheries stationary

The Fisheries launched just before the pandemic. We are now fully occupied and profitable and looking to expand.


  • Years of experience delivering increased sales and profits through better products
  • A background in delivering exceptional service to thousands of individuals and corporations
  • A first-hand knowledge of what was, and is, both right and wrong in the office world
  • A proven track record of both developing sites and refurbishing existing ones, to create more value to customers and therefore investors and building owners.
  • A record of controlling costs by spending it in the places that deliver best value to both our members and partners.
Sketched concept of The Fisheries building
Our dedicated management team


Hugo Warner

Co-Founder of The Fisheries

Hugo created and ran BENUGO, a hospitality business that operates on the high street, within corporate headquarters and in prime public spaces. BENUGOs’ focus on the experience won it many loyal customers, and an unrivalled reputation. Since leaving BENUGO, Hugo has been involved in property, from concept through to construction, and created The Fisheries.

Hugo Warner of The Fisheries

For me, great hospitality means taking care of people. I think you have to be involved in every part of the experience to deliver this.

Hugo Warner
Steve Watkins of The Fisheries

Steve Watkins

Co-Founder of The Fisheries

Steve originally set up Independent Insurance Services, a business that changed the way in which insurance claims were handled and fulfilled by delivering faster response times with effective solutions. The company became the pre-eminent supplier in domestic claims, eventually covering over 85% of UK claims in its market, with over 400,000 claims per year successfully resolved.

People’s Choice Award Winner

The Fisheries was voted for by the people of Hackney as the Winner of the ‘People’s Choice Award’ in the 2020 Hackney Design Awards.

Hackney Design Awards 2020 logo

what they say

They have clearly thought about creating a culture where people connect, where it’s fun and warm. You actually really want to be there.

All the staff and super friendly and take time to get to know you.

I feel like I've tapped into something way more than a ’shared office space' in a beautiful building.

I’m full of gratitude for what these guys have created, because running your own business is not always easy or fun, but being somewhere that is nurturing makes a huge difference.


Childcare courses for parents and Professionals

My favourite place in London! I've been working from The Fisheries for a while now and it's become not my second, but first home in London. The staff are so friendly, supportive and helpful, especially at a difficult time like this. They've become like a second family to me.

The decor is beautiful, with plants everywhere, high ceilings, open brick walls and stylish lounge spaces to break out too. I love it here and would highly recommend anyone looking for a new place to not only go to work, but also be part of an awesome community.


Member at The Fisheries