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We design, build and operate, beautiful workspaces for a new generation of workers, on behalf of investors in commercial property. We create a more stable and more viable long-term asset with both capital appreciation and rental growth by focusing on our members and putting them first; and in addition, we create a building with purpose, passion and productivity. Invest with us today.

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Reasons to invest in a bright future

Number of Coworking spaces worldwide

Graph showing number of coworking spaces

From 2020 to 2024, the number of flexible workspaces is expected to double to 41,975. Changing work habits and the growth of digital based startups have contributed to this.

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Number of people using Coworking spaces

Graph showing number of people using coworking spaces

The increased number of coworking spaces is driven by the ever growing customer demand. The number of coworkers is expected to almost double by 2024.

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