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The award winning Fisheries has enjoyed enormous success since inception. We are now looking to take the next step and open more spaces in London and beyond. If you think you could be our ideal partner then contact us here.

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The office is dead, long live the office!

The office is changing; and it’s been changing for some time. Technology has connected people in other ways and allowed them to work in different ways. There is no longer a necessity to go to the office, and if no one needs to go, then why would they?

Because technology cannot replace the need for human connection; it’s just that most offices don’t connect people.

We create, build and operate beautiful workspaces where people feel welcome, safe, and above all happy. We make opportunities for them to connect internally, both professionally and personally, and with the wider community, and we create a team that’s sole purpose is to look after them. 

And by doing this we create a more stable and more viable long term property asset, and a building with purpose, passion and productivity.



Spread your risk

No need to rely on just a few tenants. We’ll fill your building with hundreds of exciting members instead.


Numerous revenue streams

We use every bit of your space to create more revenue opportunities.



The diversity of members and memberships is self-fulfilling, turning your building into a hive of activity.


Increase in footfall

Increase footfall to local business, shops, restaurants and bars, helping to create a wider experience beyond your front door.


Reduce your void period

You’re ready to start earning from day one, and realising market rent within 6 months.


Acorns grow into Oak trees

Our members are growing business that will need more space to expand into.

Building a coworking space here was no accident. London Fields is at the centre of a creative community, thriving with independent business.

Hugo Warner, Founder of the fisheries

What we are looking for

Busy London street market

A vibrant neighbourhood

An area that has interest and with a strong residential community.

London overground station

Well connected transport links

No more than 5 minutes’ walk from a train or tube station, or within walking distance of a number of train or tube stations.

Fisheries interior space and basement

At least 20,000 sqft. of space

We need a gross internal area of at least 20,000 sqft. That’s everything within the four walls of the building.

What we can do for you

  • Implementation
  • Full layout and design
  • Full costing
  • High speed fit out
  • Pre-opening and opening plan
  • Operation
  • Implementation of procedures for efficiency and service delivery
  • Recruitment, training and appraisal of all staff.Marketing and sales
  • Monthly operational reviews
  • Review and refinement of operational standards
  • Financial
  • Preparation of agreed annual budgets and targets
  • Quarterly financial performance reviews
  • Full accounting and reporting services
  • Capital expenditure budget development and execution
  • Preparation of strategic sales and marketing plans
  • Stronger yields and return on capital