The Stars are Bright: Zimbabwe through the eyes of its young painters from Cyrene (1940-1947), co-curated by one of our members, invites you to discover the extraordinary artwork of students at the Cyrene Mission School, a boys' school near Bulawayo in colonial Zimbabwe (then known as Southern Rhodesia). All the paintings, drawings and sculptures in this exhibition were created by more than 40 artists over a seven-year period, many of whom went on to have important careers at home and abroad.

These artists were boys and young men, and their paintings are a product of their imagination as well as factual events and scenes.

The depictions of history, folklore, education and nature provide an insight into key moments of the country’s history and culture. Walking through this gallery we encourage you to use your imagination to develop your own interpretations of the meanings and motivations behind these paintings. Explore life, the natural world, spirituality and a changing nation, guided by Zimbabwe’s bright young stars.

Explore a rediscovered collection of extraordinary paintings and drawings by over forty young Zimbabwean artists that have not been exhibited together for almost 70 years.

All of these talented painters attended Cyrene, a mission school founded in 1940 in colonial Zimbabwe and located amidst varied and colourful natural surroundings that inspired the visual imagination of the students.

The Belvedere Trust is proud to offer this exhibition to the residents of London as it eases out of lockdown, in a setting that prioritises your health and safety. Admission is free subject to booking a time slot online in advance.

Copy taken from The Stars Are Bright Website.